My Trip to the Tales of Exhibit in Osaka

In November, I visited Osaka for a Tales of exhibit that was being held for a limited time. I purchased a ticket from a Lawson convenience store weeks prior to the event for roughly $20 USD. The exhibit was held in a shopping center called Grand Front Osaka which was actually comprised of two different buildings, the exhibit being held in the building further away from Osaka Station. I was very concerned about getting lost prior to leaving for the museum but as it turns outs, it was incredibly close to the JR Osaka Station. In fact there is a second floor walkway that connects the station to the closer building of the two buildings.

tales 3

When I arrived, I was greeted by a Tales of sign demonstrating that the exhibit was at the bottom of an escalator. After I gave my ticket to the attendant, I was asked to choose a character from a few different choices. You are then handed a quiz based upon the character you choose, and you are given access to another part of the exhibit plus prizes if you correctly answer them. I chose Yuri from Tales of Vesperia and I was given miscellaneous items including a card and bookmark.

tales 1

The first room provided a general history of the franchise including awards given to some of the games. The second room contained an exclusive video in the format of a skit involving various main characters from the franchise as a whole. The room is isolated from the rest of the exhibit and people in attendance are instructed to not take any recordings of the video.

tales 2

After you exit the second room, the rest of the museum is one long connected hallway that divides the games by release date with the earliest games coming first. Each game receives a small little segment along the hallway with a framed picture and other encased drawings and artwork. When you reach the end you are allowed access to another area if you have provided quiz answers. Otherwise, you are taken to the end if you do not. Since I was unable to understand the questions, I was taken to the end where I visited the store which sold various merchandise. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and special exhibits can be a lot of fun for fans.

tales 5


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