Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Recap – Weekend of 3/4/2016-3/6/2016

It has now been a couple weeks since the release of 3.2. I have had a limited amount of playing time over the past two weeks, and as a result, I am behind on the newest content. I have run Antitower a few times through expert roulette, and I find the dungeon to be rather lackluster outside of the boss fights. The early parts of the dungeon are filled with linear platforms that lead from one trash pack of mobs to the next. The majority of the dungeon is spent outside the tower and even the interior of it is uninspiring. The bosses however use varied mechanics and each fight feels unique.



I have also been grinding the added Alexander floors. The parties last week had a very difficult time clearing floors 7 and 8. Admittedly, there were more competent groups this past week, but that is most likely a simple result of people being more familiar with the fight. For some reason I cannot quite pinpoint yet, floors 5-8 are a lot more enjoyable than 1-4. I was never a fan of a trash only floor so removing that is definitely an upgrade. The Midas floors force me to think more.


I haven’t explored the other content as much as I have expert roulette and Midas. I cleared the normal version of Sephirot which was fairly fun. I have almost finished the most recent story quests, but I cannot comment on them because I don’t follow the story. Dragoon does seem weaker in dungeons now because the lack of strong AOE is more transparent when tackling content without updated gear and item levels.


I am fairly happy with this patch. Smaller additions such as the jukebox are nice additions. Other things like the falcons give me something to look forward to working towards in the future. 3.2 was a much needed breath of fresh air because the game seems a lot less populated since the release of Heavensward. There was a distinct lack of content following its release, and a lot of my friends no longer play. 3.2 should keep people around for a while longer. I just hope other players don’t continue to seek greener pastures elsewhere in the future.


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