My Trip to the Final Fantasy XIV Cafe

ff xiv cafe 1

I recently visited the Final Fantasy XIV Café in Akihabara in Tokyo. You can either buy tickets beforehand or you can try to get seating on arrival. I chose to buy reservation tickets. You can purchase the tickets by going to the official website and ordering them or you can find the ticket code for a convenience store in Japan and buy them there. I found the code for Lawson and bought two tickets because that was the only amount available for my birthday. The tickets cost 1,000 yen each which is equivalent to 10 USD. The tickets also allow you to receive a job coaster of your choosing when you arrive. People who try to get a table by showing up don’t receive these coasters.

scholar coaster

I used Google Maps to find the Final Fantasy XIV Café in Akihabara. It is located to the left of the main street in a building with other cafes. It is located on the second floor and the small goods shop is on the first floor. When you arrive, you give the person at the counter your tickets, and he or she will let you choose a job coaster. Unfortunately, all of the jobs I was interested in were sold out so I chose Dark Knight and White Mage. After I received the coasters, I was asked to wait in line because you are not allowed inside until the exact time of the reservation. They do give you a menu to look at while you wait and you are also given a voucher for a free drink with the purchase of your ticket.

ff cafe drink

At 4:30 my friend and I were allowed inside and we were put at a table next to some weapons on display on the wall. After you sit down, the hostess makes an announcement in Japanese and each customer receives a numbered cactpot ticket. They then hold a raffle of some sort. Once the raffle ends, you are free to start ordering food. My friend and I chose the Bahamut and Ramuh drinks which were both quite delicious. Some of the drinks come with cool looking straws and mixers. We ordered the Moogle pancakes as well as more drinks. After your free drink, you receive a random coaster for every item purchased. All of these coasters are Primal themed. Because it is random, you can wind up with multiple of the same coaster, which is exactly what happened to the two of us. Your only chance to get others is to trade with the other customers. I walked up to the only foreigner in the café and asked him to trade, but he just turned around and looked at me sadly as he showed his hand filled with three of the same.

ff cafe 3

You are encouraged to take pictures at any time and there is quite a bit of paraphernalia to take pictures of. The most interesting aspect of the entire experience was the music. The café chooses different tracks from the game to play inside, and a lot of the songs brought back a lot of memories from when I started playing. After you finish your food and drinks, you are directed to go outside and pay at the counter where you received your job coasters initially. After we paid, we visited the goods shop but the selection was incredibly limited. All in all though, I loved the Final Fantasy XIV Café. The staff was very helpful and if you are a fan of the game you owe it to yourself to visit if you ever find yourself visiting Tokyo.

ff cafe 4ff cafe 5ff cafe 6


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