Gantz: O – Enjoy the Wild Ride


Gantz: O was recently released in Japan. This CGI movie follows the story of the Osaka Arc of the widely popular manga series Gantz. It was produced by Digital Frontier which is responsible for other films such as Summer Wars and Appleseed. Gantz: O is the second note-worthy CGI film to have been released this year in Japan, with Kingsglaive being the first. How well does the animation quality hold up and how well does the film adapt the source material? These are two important questions that should be considered when talking about this film.

Gantz: O opens with a terrific action sequence that faithfully adapts the carnage and depravity the Gantz series is so well known for. The visuals are very sleek, and the movie does a great job showcasing the iconic black suits the characters use. What stood out to me more than anything else, were the character models and faces in the film. Gantz: O creates realistic faces and character models to the extent that it teeters on blurring the lines between fiction and reality. The well done character models extend to the monsters in the film as well. In fact, the monsters are better rendered than their human counterparts. The Osaka Arc utilizes a legion of demons and as a result, there is nice variance to the monsters portrayed in the movie. They all look twisted in their own way, and the target demon in particular stands out, especially considering he receives more screen time than his underling counterparts which is to be expected.


Gantz: O is a faithful adaptation of the manga source material. There are some small differences, but there is nothing that meaningfully impacts the plot. It is difficult talking about specifics without going into spoiler territory, but suffices to say the film is well-done, especially if you are familiar with the manga beforehand. This leads to a problem that the film suffers from and that is an expectation that you are already familiar with the source material before deciding to watch this movie. The Osaka Arc takes places relatively later in the manga’s story. As a result, it is difficult catering to both fans and newcomers alike with this direction in mind. There is some appreciation that the production company decided to animate a specific arc and not sacrifice story elements in the film in order to appease those lacking the prerequisite knowledge needed to appreciate the film in its full context.

Gantz: O was released on October 14, 2016. This was an apt time considering Halloween is approaching. The film’s violence and story elements are in line with the standard Halloween aesthetic. If you are curious about this film and are unfamiliar with the story and characters, it is recommended you seek out the manga or at the very least the original anime adaptation, beforehand. If you do so or if you have already read the manga, then you will appreciate Gantz: O a considerable amount more. It showcases incredible visuals, especially in regards to the monster design. The action is engaging the entire way through, and this is a great movie to watch with some friends if you are looking for a fun time at the movie theater.



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